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Welcome to TreadCo Entertainment, I am one of the owners; my name is Dwight Treadwell, Sr. The other key principal is my son William (Willie) Treadwell. Together we co-authored a great how-to Book "The American Dream Door-to- Door Millionaires". Yes, our title accurately represents what the book is all about. Willie and I are extremely successful Door-to-Door (D2D) sales reps. Over the previous five years we both independently earned over a million dollars. I work in the Roofing industry and Willie works in the Satellite TV industry. Together we describe in detail, the techniques, mind set and determination that it takes to be financially successful in the Door-to- Door Sales Market.

We have developed a 1-Day and 2-Day Training Seminar Series of Workshops. These seminars are designed in such a way that they lead you through every aspect of Door-to-Door Sales from knocking on your first Door to completing the sale.

Yes, Yes, Yes- Right now is the very best time ever to be in the Door-to- Door Sales business. Sure there will be ups and downs, but that is life! As I stated earlier, a positive mind-set is one of the main components that we teach. Our target audience is called the "Average Joe" or the "common man or common woman". Willie and I did not come from wealth or have prestigious college backgrounds nor have outstanding technical or scientific minds. We were common or average in our early sales careers and backgrounds, but we both had the desire and the determination to be financially successful. We both currently earn an average of over $200,000 annually doing Door-to- Door Sales. This in itself is no small accomplishment!

Yes, we can provide you with the same tools and techniques that helped both of us!
Once again, welcome to TreadCo Entertainment.

Dwight Treadwell, Sr.

William Treadwell, Sr.

Owner of TreadCo Entertainment

Dwight Treadwell

Owner of TreadCo Entertainment