Bloodsucking Bastards Events Post Malone

"Fran Kranz talks Bloodsucking Bastards (and why he wants to be killed by Thor)" - Clark Collis, Entertainment Weekly

"Brian James O' Connell's raucous horror/comedy turns a typical white-collar, corporate environment into a natural feeding ground for undead go-getters." - Paste Magazine

"Bloody good...Heavy on laughs and loaded with one-liners (and written by a five-member-strong comedy group from Los Angeles called "Dr. God"), the scenes in Bastards drip and flow with equal parts sarcasm and blood... hilarious ride through the horrors of being stuck in a dead-end job in the quintessential all-American workplace." - The Stranger (Seattle)

"A Special Kind Of Horror Comedy That Both Goes For The Jugular And Tickles Your Funny Bone In Delightfully Inventive Ways, While Giving Us The Next Big Catch-phrase To Boot." - Brian Gallagher, MovieWeb