I read the entire book today! It's easy to follow with great life lessons. You've provided insight how important a positive attitude impacts both your personal and professional lifestyles. Wonderful job and thanks for sharing!

Deb Burditt
Seattle, WA

Definitely a great read for anyone selling anything door to door. An honest look at what it takes to make it in the industry!!

Dwight Treadwell JR
Shipping Supervisor
Travis Meats

5 stars across the board, interesting and fun to read. This shows that no matter the situation someone finds themselves in, if they are driven enough to succeed: they will.

Garret Walpole

The American Dream Door to Door, an interesting and informative read, was so engaging that I read it in one sitting in one afternoon. I loved the fact that it was a motivational how-to tutorial with a personal success story line reference. This book was written for readers of all ages with life lessons embedded through out to invoke awareness as well as encouragement.

JoAnn Farmer Mosley
Retired, Banking Executive
Atlanta , GA

When you think you know almost everything about running a business, I am once again being reminded that I don't. I personally had some key takeaways to implement immediately that will grow my business to the next level. This book has content that will build confidence, maintain integrity and be the main catalyst in creating income with no cap for my new sales staff. I still live by the motto, I prefer to surround myself with people smarter than me.

J.R. Young
Satellite TV In Home Sales
Memphis, TN

1. Does the book accomplish it stated mission?
Yes. It provides insight across generations and an opportunity to learn self improvement and make it a productive hobby while achieving ones American Dream.

2. Is it informative?
I found the book to be very informative and inspiring even for the person that may not be involved in door to door sales. Because of how well it is written , I now have more of a positive viewpoint regarding door to door sales and commissions. The book does a good job in identifying your target audience.

3. Is is easy reading and steady flow of information?
Very easy reading.

4. Is it interesting?
The book is interesting especially for high school, college students and sales training. The book make you stop and think What kind of customer am I?

Cheryl Debro
Dallas, TX

I found reading this book was very useful and had a lot of interesting information that felt relatable and extremely easy to follow. I would recommend this book to any person who has an entrepreneur itch in their body. This book is a good representation of a how to guide for hustling door to door. I rate this book a 5 star through and through.

Kyran Danaher
Film Exexcutive
Los Angeles, CA

I found The American Dream to be an easy read, interesting and engaging. Each chapter was insightful and for me packed with all the answers needed to understand the real dynamics in making a D2D business a success. I believe anyone who reads your book develops their method and plan their day to day goal they too can achieve what you and your son have.

Toya Mason
Radio Personality
Memphis, TN

Vanetta Robinson Kelso
Jackson, MS

The American Dream is a very interesting read. Definitely a page turner! If I had to rate the book, I would do so as follows:
Interesting read - definitely a 5, it is not boring at all.
Very informative - 5

Zina Henry
Published Author
Memphis, Tn

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