TreadCo Entertainment

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are indie films?
A "indie film" is an independent film that's produced outside of a traditional Hollywood studio.

2. What are micro budget films?
It's a budget that can be made for as little as thousands up the low millions. Traditionally "low budget movies" still go into the 2mm - 3mm range. Micro is below that.

3. What does a distributor do for you?
A distributor is who distributes the film into theaters, DVD, VOD, Cable, Netflix, Amazon etc, etc.

4. What does ROI mean ?
Return on Investment.

5. How long does it take to produce a full length feature film ?
Production typically lasts anywhere between 10 - 25 days on a independent film and can last several months with studio films.

6. Why invest in indie films ?
The right ones are highly profitable. Key is working with people that have already been successful in this space.

7. What are genre films ?
Typically horror/thriller/suspense

8. What does the term MG mean ?
Minimum Guarantee - This is what a studio and/or distributor would give you as an advance against future sales of the film. Example at this years Sundance Film Festival: The budget of this film was 700k.

9. What does it mean to be an Equity Investor?
Equity investor has put up equity/cash in exchange for ownership in a film. The equity investor shares in the profit the film generates.

10. What is the expected turn around of my investment ?
For our fund? We have a comprehensive breakdown based on a breakeven/base/high return that ranges from an investors money back to around 11x your money. It would be best to walk you thru our deck to fully understand.